8. Lo Siento

Is Lo Siento a love song? I don’t know. I don’t speak Spanish.

Lo Siento is track 8 on TwinsTown’s stunning debut album, Brankholm Brae.

What I do know is that Lo Siento captures what it’s like to be a twentysomething on a Mediterranean holiday. And yes, I can remember what it’s like, thank you very much!

Actually, as I write this I have Top of the Pops on in the background, an episode from 1990, and Betty Boo is singing Where are you Baby? It fair takes me back…

I see Elton John was at no.11 that week with Sacrifice… and that’s me… back in TwinsTown. Please step away from the piano, Donald.

Lo Siento is an unassuming wee number hiding a dark heart about the perils of boys abroad and holiday encounters from the romantic to the, well, not so romantic.

Hiding behind booming love anthem Dive In as Brankholm Brae’s track 8, Lo Siento takes a wee walk on the wild side in an un-named Spanish resort.

I hate those ‘Brits Abroad’ type shows but this is more Britpop abroad, a very British coming-of-age tale; shedding school days angst for sexy señoritas and braggadocios.

Musically, it’s less Walk on the Wild Side with Lou Reed and more Wild World with Cat Stevens. There’s a wee hint of Spanish guitar and a flamenco feel as the song flirts with the mellow sounds of the seventies.

At a first listen, I thought, this has ‘album track’ written all over it, and that may be, however after several listens it becomes as interesting musically as it is lyrically. There’s much more going on here than you first imagine.

In conclusion, I’m not sure how the twins even got to Spain… Stuart only scoring a 7 in Geography, FFS!

Coming soon…

52 años a Par, la versión casi en blanco y negro de la portada de Jack Paton para Brankholm Brae de TwinsTown.

Brankholm Brae, el impresionante álbum debut de TwinsTown, saldrá este año.

Lo siento por favor perdóneme señorita.

Mire este espacio para más detalles.

¡Quedarse vivo!


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